Come work in ATL

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MailChimp (The Rocket Science Group) is hiring and they want you to feel at home. In case you need a...

I like big books and I cannot lie

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The local library in Dordrecht is doing really well in the marketing departement. The first associations with a library are...

Hong Kong MTR map

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The underground in Hong Kong is really great! It’s fast, efficient and I especially like the dynamic maps that are…


Real radio buttons

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In the hotel we stayed during our snowboard trip there was a small night table next to the bed. It looked…


This doesn’t give me any real trouble

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This morning while going through my wake-up routine, I suddenly thought about the example Cor Noltee used when he explained...

Gender options

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Today my colleague Sander van Lambalgen at bibliotheek.nl got me thinking about the “gender selection”-pattern in web forms. This pattern is fairly…